The start of any weight loss journey can be daunting to anyone and understanding what will ensure your success can massive determinant;

Step 1
We’ve mentioned this many times but setting realistic goals in a MUST when going into any weightless programme. These should be specific, positive and realistic, most importantly be clear as why you want to lose the weight!

Step 2
Monitor body composition changes: take upper arm, chest measurement, waist, hip and thigh- these may tell you a better story than the number on the scales.

Step 3
Aim for a realistic weight loss of approximately 0.5-0.8kg/week, the more you have to lose, the most likely it will come off quicker at the beginning.

Step 4
Keep a food diary – This is a very effective way of evaluating eating habits, check what you are eating and setting yourself a level of accountability. There are many apps available to do this, such as My Fitness Pal and others but if you are not tech-friendly, keeping a paper diary will also do the trick!

Step 5
Keep to the 15% rule- Try not to have any product that contains over 15% sugar or fat in it.

Step 6
Try to Trim saturated and trans-fat as part of your overall diet.

Step 7
Go for slow burn – Keep meals low GI, this can help control appetite during a deficit period of calories and increases feelings of fullness e.g lentils & beans.

Step 8
If you have a bad day don’t self- punish- wake up the next day and great straight back on it.

Step 9
Get organised. Write shopping lists, plan meals and research menus before you go out to eat.

Step 10
Surround yourself with positivity, ask your family and friends to support and understand your aims to help keep you on track and encouraged.

If you want to embark on a new weight loss journey or have queries and questions on your current programme, don’t be afraid to seek advice – Nutritionist Elly Rees in on hand to help!

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