I have been training with James at the Better Body Group in Sevenoaks for over a year now.

He is great fun to train with and has an obvious and sincere passion for fitness. Whilst he keeps his sessions light-hearted he is clearly extremely knowledgeable and well trained in exercise and fitness.

I had used gyms and PTs in the home in the past but when I started with James I had not done any weight training. He is extremely vigilant around correct technique at all times and I’m very happy with my progress and am definitely a stronger person than I was.

Some of my sessions are 1 on 1s and some I share with 1 or 2 others and I particularly like James’ ability to quickly adapt sessions to individuals needs whilst keeping the pace moving and ensuring everyone is pushed.

In summary whilst I can’t say hand on heart I look forward to each and every session I always have a great time when I’m there. His fun and enthusiasm are infectious but don’t be fooled, there is a serious intention to motivate you and get you fitter not far beneath the surface. His willingness to make me tea at an early morning session is a nice personal touch and I don’t know if he ever has a bad day because we always see the motivated raring-to-go James .

Definitely recommended!



How did you hear about the Better Body Group?

My wife (Rachel) started training at BBG with James after a friend recommended it to her. Rachel then introduced me to James and we started to training 2 on 1, which worked really well for me as I had back problems and James tailored our sessions to ensure my back was not compromised. I then started 1 on 1 sessions with James in April 2016.

How long have you been training at BBG?

Since January 2016

Who is your trainer?

James Allen

Why did you start training with us and how has it improved/changed your life?

I started training in January 2016 and I had back problems (worn facet joints and trapped nerve). James tailored my training to ensure my back was not compromised and gave focus to developing my core. I then had a procedure on my back in April which improved things dramatically but I still need to look after it. James focuses on looking after my back in all sessions we do but has gradually upped the ante both in terms of the type of training we do and the weight I load through by body. I not only look forward to my training with James but I feel so much better physically and mentally after each session. Given the care and focus James has put on my back my everyday life has improved so much over the past months. James makes each session fun and different which makes training a pleasure rather than the chore I have felt it has been in the past with other gyms.



Now my turn,

Ladies first of course,

Rachel is an absolute pleasure to train and always works her socks off (with the help of a cuppa or two) her results absolutely speak for themselves and in 2 months whilst training regularly throughout the week and being kept very active by her two children she has lost 8kg (17lbs) of fat mass and gained 5.5kg (12lbs) of lean mass, lost 6cm of her abdomen and 3.5cm of her waist. This is all down to her dedication and drive, it shows even if you’ve got 2 children, a busy work life and a hectic social life you can still stick to your goals and achieve. Well done Rachel and here is to a fantastic 2017.

Also I’d just like to add she deadlifted 70kg from the floor at 64kg bodyweight recently and has been gaining in strength throughout this entire process, the sky’s the limit

Right now Darrell you’re up,

Darrell, much like his lovely other half, works extremely hard every single session, never complains, never moans just gets on with it and again his progression in a relatively short period of time has been remarkable. He came to me with chronic back pain and weakness due to inflamed facet joints and nerve impingement in his spine which is no fun at all. We worked to correct that and though training and a procedure he is now free as a bird (movement wise) and pain free and has gone from doing press ups on a raised bar to being weighted from the floor, he now has the mobility and strength in his spine to deadlift 60kg from the floor (which is no easy feet considering when he walked through the door he could barely do a plank without pain). He has been hanging off bars, boxing so well it’s scary and he’s been having fun.

So again Darrell keep up the hard work and here is to the next chapter