I’ve never been a sporty person or a gym fanatic so hauling my lumbering arse into the gym wasn’t a natural fit for me. The Better Body Group gym, as a whole, makes this experience as pleasant as it can be without compromising on personal results. The trainers are exceptional.

Why Jimmy?

I’ve been training with Jimmy now for around 6 months and I know you’re not supposed to have favourites, however, some people just cant help but, unknowingly, claim that status.

Jimmy is awesome. He is a walking ball of infectious positivity wrapped in a bouncy, cheery, generous and welcoming nature.

When I first started PT sessions with Jimmy, I was still feeling self conscious and uncomfortable in the gym environment. Jimmy’s easy manner and concise explanations of the body’s mechanics soon put those worries out of my head. He made me feel relaxed and totally capable whilst building my confidence and belief in myself.

Following years (too many to mention) of sitting at a desk cultivating neck and posture issues, resulting in aches, pains and headaches, we worked on specific exercises to combat these problems. Jimmy gave me some ‘homework’ exercises and I couldn’t believe the difference it made within such a small amount of time. I hardly ever get a headache now (where wine is not involved anyway).

Workouts with Jimmy are hard but fun – a torturous climb of achievement with a good dose of fun in the mix. We discuss goals, strengths, weakness’s, what I like / dislike, although disliking burpees and pulling that detestable sledge, unfortunately doesn’t get them deleted from the programme! Jimmy tailors our sessions to incorporate my personal requirements combined with his in depth knowledge of what I actually need with an unquestionable dedication to helping me achieve my goals.

What do I like best about Jimmy’s training – well, I feel totally confident, I feel completely informed, I feel perfectly instructed, its fun and I know that I will be pushed to my limits safely.

Jimmy has helped me with diet, tracking diet and exercise, helping me to monitor the things that count. He coached me on keeping positive when things go wrong – recover, move on! It’s not all about what the scales say – how do you feel – do you feel great?  Well alright then!

And if all of the above isn’t enough, Jimmy is a qualified sports massage therapist and has helped me with a number of issues, not only with excellent massages but with after care support, sharing his knowledge, giving me advice and simple exercises / stretches, all of which have had a positive impact on my daily health and mobility.

So, I don’t get headaches anymore, I have much better posture, I walk taller, yes I have lost weight and ‘re-shaped’ (I even have some muscles now). Sessions with Jimmy have changed my lifestyle, it’s not just about the gains in the gym. I think about food differently and consider the nourishment aspect in addition to the deliciousness and adjust what I’m eating accordingly. I also think about my daily movement levels and whether I’ve been active enough – I now enjoy walking every day when I used to take the tube or a cab. I’m loving life and I feel great!!


Thank you Jimmy!