I’d just like to say thank you.  I always leave your PT sessions with a sense of well-being and achievement in addition to exhaustion.  It’s obvious that you really enjoy your job because you put so much into it.

I think the very tailored nature of the training you offer is fabulous, keeping me from slipping into poor techniques and helping me squeeze as much effort into the training as I can.  Your advice and guidance on training related issues such as diet, sleep etc. are also really valued.

I have a lot of “mid-life crisis” type issues happening at the moment and your training sessions are a truly welcome mental break from these.

I’d also like to say thank you for the evening session I had about three weeks ago.  There had been train delays and I arrived 20 minutes late.  When I got there you really cheerily said, not to worry as I was your last client of the evening and we could still get a full hour in.  You didn’t have to, I didn’t ask, but you offered and that was really nice of you.