Alongside our personal training services we run group sessions, suitable for all abilities.

Whether it’s taking some stress out on a punch bag in our boxercise classes or getting a sweat on in a spin class we’ve got you covered. No matter what your age, weight or fitness level we have something for everyone.



Our heart rate monitored classes ensure that you get the most out of every session.  They are the perfect complement to your personal training, transformation program or as a stand alone activity exceed your weekly calorie burn targets. Designed by our company’s founder with his 30 years of training experience and vast knowledge of exercises you are guaranteed to get the best out of every session.

“I don’t want your class with us just to be a random session, I want each visit to leave you measurably fitter, leaner and stronger.”  Jason Crow BSC (Hons) CSCS (Better Body Group founder and managing director)

The Blackheath classes are designed to fit seamlessly together or in unison with your personal training or transformation sessions to give you an overall strength, fat burn, fitness and flexibility improvement week after week. Try your first week of classes for free to see how it all fits together.


Monday – 10am & 7.30pm

Tuesday – 7pm

Wednesday – 9.30am

Friday – 9.30 & 7pm

Saturday – 9am


Why not try one of our classes for free! Simply email us at or call us on 01732451979 and we will help you pick the best fitness class for your needs.