After spending the previous 18 months bulking I was starting to feel a bit fat and bloated. Although the bulk started off well, the last few months had just become an excuse to eat loads of rubbish and sugary food because ‘I needed the extra calories’. So in August, I decided to go on a 10 week cut to get shredded in time for my 21st birthday.


I trained with Chris twice during the week focusing on strength and conditioning training to try and keep as much of my muscle mass and strength as possible. I also started going to the Strength class on Thursdays to get an extra strength session in. Finally, I dramatically increased my cardio to try and burn some extra calories and did 3 circuit based classes a week as well as joining in with my Mum’s PT session with Becca!


Chris gradually reduced my calorie intake over the 10 weeks from 2,308kcal to around 1,800kcal. Although this was a real shock to begin with, as I was used to eating 3,000kcal, I soon got used to it. Chris was great at keeping me on track by checking that I’d logged both my macros and weight. He also kept me motivated throughout, which was especially important during the later stages when I was lacking energy and my strength was decreasing slightly.


Although I’d be lying if I said it was easy, I enjoyed the experience and successfully hit my goals. My eating habits have improved massively – apart from this week but it is my birthday! I’ll get back to it next week, I promise! These healthier eating habits also mean I feel much less bloated and uncomfortable than I used to. A welcome side effect of all the extra training was the improvement in my cardio ability – I can now just about complete Richard’s circuit in the Strength class without collapsing!