Personal comfort and safety is not something you often hear gyms talk about. This is something that I feel very strongly about and has been at the heart of our mission statement all the way from when we started 15 years ago,

“To provide effective and appropriate exercise for all regardless of age, weight or medical condition”

The simple fact is that you should feel both physically and mentally comfortable when you walk through the door of your exercise facility regardless of who you are. A client once described the feeling she had when she was with us “the expertise of a flight cockpit and the comfort of your front room”. Here are a few of the things that we do to ensure that this stands true to this day

We actively think about creating a training environment that you will feel safe and comfortable to train in with everything we design.

We only choose the most people oriented trainers, we take time matching you with the best one and ensure that they are with you through your entire journey with us.
We design our centres to ensure that very quickly you feel like it is your own space. From only having mirrors in certain places to having your own coffee cup. This is something you will need to experience.
Our exceptional, graduate or post graduate qualified working as a team have the skills to meet your needs regardless of your requirements:

Exercise for all
Structure of the centre
Working to your own goals

We will always be here to answer any of your concerns, we are not a massive gym chain, a hardcore gym or a gym franchise. This is our business and we are all here to look after you.