So after much thought I decided it was time to finally get back into shape and looked at local gyms but I knew I wanted something different than than the normal gym experience.

I discovered the Better Body Group and after reading the testimonials decided to book an initial consultation with Lucy. She sat me down and discussed what I wanted toachieve and together we set some goals, I signed up for the 6 week package and she recommended Ellis as a trainer and nutrition consultation with Elly.

Elly talked me thought my current diet and suggested a plan to help with my weight loss, supplying recipes (they are good, trust me!), advice and encouragement throughout.

So at my first session, I turned up at Sevenoaks not knowing what to expect and standing in reception waiting on me was Ellis – this guy looked like he could lift me above his head with one hand (found out later he actually could!)

Ellis immediately put me at ease and we discussed my goals again and set to work. I wont sugar coat it, the sessions are hard but Ellis has a way of making them fun and different every time. Going for PT does not seem like a chore but more like going to see a friend and work out!

Oh and the rest of the staff and members at BBG are great – really friendly place, good mix of people, great atmosphere no matter what time of day and there is always someone to have a chat to or get advice from.

6 Weeks Later

I’ve lost the weight I set out to in this time frame, feeling more confident in myself, more healthy, eating better and enjoying exercise for the first time in years.

Ellis is still working me hard and pushing me to achieve new goals and with his help I know I can hit them.

So if you want to improve your fitness, loose weight or are already an avid gym goer – Check out Better Body Group, you wont be disappointed!

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