5 Fat loss tips to lose 3 Stone!

  Not everyone who works in a gym has been in good shape their whole life, in fact I was very much out of shape. At just 14 stone (about 85kg), I was anything but in shape!  So as the shape off begins and we all look to get 2017 off to a cracking start, [...]

‘I owe so much to James and team BBG’

Weight restoration testimonial from Anna G Having endured an intense weight restoration programme following an eating disorder, I was left disappointed with my body shape and general wellbeing post-recovery. As a teenager I was very athletic though following restricted activity during my inpatient programme, my fitness and muscle tone completely diminished. Alongside the development of [...]

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10 week cut to get shredded in time for my 21st birthday!

After spending the previous 18 months bulking I was starting to feel a bit fat and bloated. Although the bulk started off well, the last few months had just become an excuse to eat loads of rubbish and sugary food because ‘I needed the extra calories’. So in August, I decided to go on a [...]

I was compelled to get my bum into gear

Having moved to Sevenoaks I was compelled to get my bum into gear and seriously shape up. Having slowly lost weight over the last few years, I decided it was time to get back to it and make a difference. At the size and weight I was, it was unhealthy and not good for my [...]

I have learnt to love myself once again

So after coming out of a 10 year relationship I looked at myself in the mirror and hated looking at the person who stood before me, hated what I had become, hated everything about myself. I was soon to turn thirty, overweight at a size 18/20, highly insecure, with zero confidence and honestly very depressed. [...]

What an amazing transformation!

I’ve been on an incredibly rewarding journey with Graham over the last 9 months. I came running through BBG’s door, desperate to shed my pregnancy weight, not knowing the rewarding journey that was awaiting me. I’d set myself a stretching target to lose 18kg over a 6 month period, and to my own surprise, I’ve [...]

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