A huge thank you to Emma for my amazing transformation and for making me feel like myself again!

I came to Better Body Group because I felt overweight and underfit. I also had several areas needing attention, so I did the 6-week transformation package, with personal trainer Emma Cowell. I’m so excited by the outcome that I’ve decided to continue weekly sessions with Emma. She’s lovely, and brilliant, and has targeted everything I need very carefully. Plus I really enjoy our sessions!

I’m also keeping on with George’s Sprucing Up the Seniors classes which are good all round exercise and fun.
In 2017 I had operations on both hands after years of severe carpal tunnel syndrome. My hands, wrists and arms needed strengthening, as did my ability to grip. I also have arthritis in all the joints on my right side, and in both feet, and my right knee and left foot had become significantly worse. All of which meant I’d become less active and less mobile and stiffened up. My foot and knee specialists said I had to strengthen my ankles and calves, and the muscles above my knee. As well as all that my posture was terrible and I needed toning up everywhere.

But now, thanks to Emma’s magic, my hands and knees can do things they haven’t done for years, in fact my whole body can, and I feel so much better in every way. Emma’s pinpointed the many things to be addressed and devised appropriate progressive strategies which always feel just right.

And: I lost 6.5kg in weight during the 6-week transformation, and to my amazement I’ve lost more since then, even over Christmas – which means over 9kg gone in three months. I’m back to where I was more than ten years ago and it feels fantastic.

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Thank you Emma, thank you George, thank you Better Body Group!