Having had a long association with the UK charity Arthritis Action, I am acutely aware of the interaction of exercise and diet in combating the pain caused by arthritis.  Although not an arthritis sufferer myself, I discovered that regular exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle as it helps to strengthen the muscles that protect and support the joints. Having studiously avoided any serious physical exercise for the best part of 20 years, this was something of a wake-up call so I decided to do something about my physical condition before it was too late!

With my 60th birthday on the horizon, I plucked up courage and took myself off to The Better Body Group in Sevenoaks in search of the key to a longer and healthier life.  I must confess that I was worried that exercising in a gym in front of fit young people in designer leotards & leggings would be a rather intimidating experience for a somewhat portly gentleman approaching his 7th decade and sporting a colourful collection of beachwear and very old plimsolls.  But I was met by the ever-smiling George Cooper who has largely been responsible for developing my exercise programme for more than 6 years.  Over that time, I have religiously stuck to two training sessions per week with George and his colleagues, and we have concentrated largely on cardiovascular, muscle building and weight bearing exercises.

But another key element of Arthritis Action’s philosophy is weight and diet so I was very grateful when George introduced me to Elly Rees in 2016.  Elly is a Postgraduate of Sport & Exercise Nutrition so has not only supervised my exercise programme but she also provides important advice on nutrition and diet.  In 2017, I decided that I needed to lose at least one stone (6.5 kg).  I discussed this at length with Elly after which she devised a calorie-controlled diet that required me to keep my daily calorie count to under 1,700.  This meant that I had to take much more of an interest in the actual number of calories in the food I was eating.  Being a self-confessed foodie, this was quite an eye-opener!!  But with Elly’s infectious good humour and encouragement, and frequent weigh-ins, I managed to reach the one stone target and felt much better for it into the bargain.

I have found that training with a qualified Trainer is a very rewarding experience in so many ways.  It goes without saying that exercising is a vital part of lifestyle but it can also be great fun. A training session with Elly will normally include many laughs and brief discussions about many and varied totally inconsequential matters – and, of course, hard work to increase metabolism and burn off excess calories.  But, at the end of each session, I am already looking forward to the next one!  In the meantime, I continue to count the calories with Elly’s voice ringing in my ears if I go over the 1,700!!      

So, if you want to improve your lifestyle, feel fit and well, lose some weight and have a lot of laughs along the way, give Elly a call.