The Better Body Group offers professionally guided exercise and nutrition to help you achieve your fitness, weight loss or sports performance goals. Train on your own with a trainer, share the cost with up to three friends, or take part in our specialist classes.

We are all vastly qualified, our training is ALWAYS based around science, we offer expert nutritional advice, our centre was designed for RESULTS not membership sales and we hold the relevant qualifications to cater for anyone.

So what are you waiting for? call us today for a free no obligation 30min consultation.


  • We are the Uk’s largest dedicated personal training centre
  • Train with the most experienced team of trainers in the southeast
  • Multi award winning customer service
  • Proven results whatever your age, weight or goal


We are the team of professionals that will finally get you some results!
If you are fed up of spending hours at the gym, following endless fad diets and getting nowhere or simply just not making the progress you were promised then pay us a visit today. The Better Body Group is a 13,500 square foot custom built personal training facility built for one reason…to get you results! No matter what your age, weight or goal we are dedicated to Improving your lives.

The Better Body Group was designed and constructed specifically for personal training, strength and conditioning and group exercise sessions. Our facility is equipped to help ANYONE reach ANY goal, and we really mean that! Whether you are recovering from illness or injury, or simply trying to shed some body fat we have everything you need to achieve you goal quickly and safely.
Our team of trainers are what set us apart from any other team in the South East. All of our trainers are post graduate qualified with thousands of hours of personal training experience. Furthermore all of the trainers must undergo an in-house internship before we allow them to start helping you achieve your goals.

The Better Body Group was set up to solve a problem. Our founder Jason Crow had spent nearly two decades working in the fitness industry and had started noticing a trend. The vast majority of people just weren’t getting the results they desired. This was down to two reasons; firstly their environment. All of the big gyms seemed to lack the right atmosphere. These chains were set up for profit only, the floor space was packed full of useless yet complex machines, the sales team seemed to be the only members of staff that cared (and that was only until you signed a 12 month contract!) and there was no extra care provided for those with special requirements.

Secondly the trainers were simply not qualified or experienced enough. There was (and still is) no governing body for personal trainers. That meant that anyone could become a personal trainer in a matter of weeks. Suddenly every man and his dog were becoming ‘fitness experts’ or ‘weight loss gurus’. This led to a huge rise in misinformation. Instead of trainers keeping their training methods based around science they simply started training their clients in the same way they would train themselves.

The combination of the two made it near on impossible for clients to achieve their goals quickly or safely. Cue the Better Body Group!


To find out more call us on
01732 451979 or email us at enquiries@www.betterbodyblackheath.co.uk